About Us

A small country home, birds, bees, and butterflies flying freely are what symbolizes Three Acres. Nestled in the beautiful foot hills of the Eastern Townships of Québec, this family run beekeeping operation allows them to live in harmony with nature. This environment daily contributes Three Acres, with the help of millions of bees, to provide some of the finest honey and skin care products in Québec.

Stephen and Liliane’s common goal is to make of Three Acres a living that is compatible with their natural environment, which in turn will help preserve it for future generations.

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Stephen Crawford

As a hobby in 1990, Stephen started out with two hives and the passion for beekeeping was to become his lively-hood. As years past on, the number of hives grew and the passion to make products derived from honey and beeswax became the obvious next step.

Stephen’s role; Beekeeper, hive manager, mead production etc… Yes he’s as beesy as his bees!

Liliane Morel

The beginning of a wonderful life long experience started in 1998 for Liliane. She relished the ideal of making her own skin care products and then sharing them with other people who care about what they apply to their bodies!

Liliane’s role; Manager and transformation of the skincare products, director of sales, tries to find time to take care of the social media. In other words, she’s pretty beesy as well!

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