Bee Pollen


Bee Pollen is harvested by foraging bees, that visit thousands of flowers everyday. As she walks on flowers, her body becomes covered with pollen. She will then begin to brush the pollen from her head and body and then transfer it directly to her pollen baskets that are on her hind legs. Pollen nourishes the hive, and is the most complete asset of the hive. Composed of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamines B complex.

Beneficial properties that people have found useful for: Good for the nervous system because of the B complex, vegetarians because of the protein content, gain of energy. Dosage: Start with 1/4 Tsp and work your way up to 1 Tbsp if desired. Add to smoothies yogurt etc.

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Not for children under 5 years old.
It is important to note that people who are sensitive to bee products may experience a severe reaction through the use of this product.

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